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Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba

Nested in the most exclusive resort complex of the Mexican Caribbean, in the vibrant heart of the Riviera Maya, Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba is a dream conceived by OHL and Fairmont Heritage Place.

Unsurpassed private 3 and 4 bedroom Playa del Carmen Residences that perfectly blend luxury and nature couldn't admit other but the impeccable service granted by Fairmont.

Coming in 2013, Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba will bring a rare opportunity for people who only settled for the best.

Indulge, unwind and feel the magic of an ancient culture still present here... Everlasting Moments awaiting discovery.

Playa del Carmen Residences

When the quality and exclusive design of a Fairmont Heritage Place residence combine with a location in a wonderful destination like Mayakoba, the result is a beautiful Playa del Carmen residence located in the perfect setting.

A residence designed and constructed with the smallest details in mind, with the luxury and comfort their owners expect so they can enjoy unforgettable moments with family and friends.

A residence in Playa del Carmen, surrounded by spectacular flora and fauna, definitely makes time seem to pass by more slowly, making your stay an incredible experience, either enjoying the natural canals and wildlife or strolling along a soft, white sand beach on the Mexican Caribbean; undoubtedly the experience of a lifetime.

Owners enjoy the Reciprocal Use Programme whereby you may exchange your two Home Weeks to stay at other Fairmont Heritage Place communities.

Each luxury residence owner is guaranteed a minimum of 21 calendar days of use per year composed by “Home weeks” and “Club Weeks”; such time has to be booked during the yearly reservation window and availability will be determined by the rotating priority system

Private Residence Clubs are the top tier of Fractional Ownership residential product. Private Residence Clubs provide outstanding value and convenience to their owners. They are located in premier resort destinations.

They feature extraordinary architecture and design, providing the highest levels of service and amenities.