Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba, most common questions.

What is Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba?

It is a Private Residence Club that offers luxurious residences on the Riviera Maya´s famous Mayakoba, the finest resort location that the Riviera Maya has to offer. It is a Private Residence Club modeled on international best practices and it extends an offering that is unique in its combination of location, luxury residences, superior amenities, unrivaled privileges and personalized, world-class service delivered by Fairmont.

What is a private Residence Club?

Private Residence Clubs are the top tier of Fractional Ownership residential product. Private Residence Clubs provide outstanding value and convenience to their owners. They are located in premier resort destinations. They feature extraordinary architecture and design, providing the highest levels of service and amenities.

Why was the concept developed?

Primarily, the concept was developed to combine the benefits of second home ownership with the amenities and services available from a world-class luxury hotel. Secondly, it makes sound financial sense. According to current studies, the average second home owner uses their property only 17 days per year. The Private Residence Club offers an attractive, problem-free way to optimize your vacation time.

What are the advantages of Private Residence Club ownership?

Owning a luxury residence at a fraction of the cost of whole ownership, while enjoying award - winning design, furnishings and premier locations.

- Enjoying services equivalent to a five-star hotel that are not usually available to second home owners
- Use of an extensive range of amenities to enjoy your leisure time
- The ability to invite family, friends and clients to enjoy your Club
- Knowing that your property is professionally managed, avoiding the maintenance hassles and concerns typically associated with second residences
- Opening up travel options to other premier destinations
- The option to own vacation residences in more than one location without tying up large amounts of capital in a single home

Is a Private Residence Club the same as Fractional Ownership?

The Private Residence Club product is positioned at the high end of the Fractional Ownership category.

Is ownership in a Private Residence Club the same as owning real estate?

You enjoy all the rights and privileges of owning real estate through holding shares in an independent trust that has freehold ownership to your residence. This means you can sell your share, pass on your share to your heirs, allow friends to use it, invite guests to share it with you and, of course enjoy it yourself.

Is a Private Residence Club the same as timeshare?

The only way in which this luxury product can be deemed similar to timeshare is that “time” is the factor used to split up usage and ownership of the property. In every other way, it is fundamentally different. Most owner´s think of Fractional Ownership, and in particular Private Residence Clubs, as being more like traditional whole ownership.

Who controls Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba and its policies?

Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba is controlled through the Board of the Home Owner´s Association and is managed by Fairmont Mayakoba hotel.

Who created Fairmont Heritage Place?

The Fairmont Heritage Place business model was created by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts as an enhancement to its portfolio and adheres in all respects to standards set by the finest Private Residence Clubs in the world. Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba is the last addition.

Are Owner´s allowed to make changes to the residences or their interiors?

No. the success of the Private Residence Club concept depends on maintaining professionally designed and delivered residences. This is achieved through appointing award-winning architects and interior designers and allowing them to deliver their very best work.

Will the residences be maintained and refurbished to five-star quality?

Yes. The residences and club facilities of Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba will be maybe maintained to the luxury, five-star standards initially set. The reserves to achieve this are built into the Annual Operating Fees.

How often can Owners stay at a Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba home?

Owner´s can stay as often as they choose subject to availability. For 3 weeks warranty plus limited time on space available basis and following the Use Program. *The Heritage time has an additional cost per stay.

How does the Use-Plan work?

Owners select and pre-reserve use at the Club on a simple and equitable rotating priority basis. Please refer to the Use and Enjoyment section within this document for more details.

Do all Owners have equal access and equal privileges at all times?

Yes. All our Owners are privileged and no one is permitted to monopolize holidays or other high-demand dates at the expense of other Owners.

How can I be sure that I will get the time I want?

By understanding the reservation policies and processes that have been designed to be fair and equitable and by ensuring that you avail yourself of them. A Fairmont Heritage Place reservation coordinator will always be available to assist you in ensuring the best possible dates.

Are Owner´s of Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba able to exchange with any other clubs?

Yes. Owners of Fairmont Heritage Place may exchange some of the time they own at Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba to visit other sensational Heritage Place locations.

They may also stay at Fairmont hotels, Swissôtel Hotel, Resorts and Raffles Hotels & Resort around the world by exchanging their “home” weeks. As well as in any Registriy Collection Property around the world.

Does Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba always stay in the same home?

Not necessarily. Each of the residences are appointed to exactly the same level of luxury and Owners are not restricted to one in particular. However, whey will always occupy a residence of equal or similar size to that in such they have ownership.

Can my unaccompanied guests be sent to vacation at Fairmont Heritage Place, Mayakoba?

Yes. When Owners give appropriate notice of arrival, guests may stay unaccompanied during any Owner reserved visit. Guests will have all the benefits of ownership during their stay.

Will there be more Fairmont Heritage Place destinations?

Yes. Fairmont Heritage Place is expanding its portfolio. Owners will be kept informed as Fairmont Heritage Place creates more destination opportunities.

Is storage space available?

Owners can store personal items such as sporting equipment, leisurewear, books and favorite photographs year round, providing a safe and convenient alternative to packing.

Are the residences maintained on a daily basis as they would be in a five- star hotel?

The residences at Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba are managed and maintained to the levels you would expect of Fairmont Heritage Place locations worldwide.

What membership privileges are extended to an Owner during their stay?

Owners have full access to all Club facilities while in their residence, in addition to the benefits of Mayakoba Privilege Card.

Can a share in Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba be resold?

Yes, subject to the Terms and Conditions contained in the Sale & Use Agreement.

Do Fairmont Heritage Place Owners pay Annual Operating Fees?

Yes. Owners pay an Annual Operating Fee, which pays for the professional management and operation of Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba and its affiliation to the additional benefits programme provided by Fairmont Hotels & Resorts.

These annual fees are each owner´s pro-rata portion of the funds required to cover operating costs including, but not limited to: the ongoing administration of the Club, the reservation and customer service system, satellite TV and high-speed Internet costs, staff salaries, supplies, maintenance, gardening, cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, legal, accounting, utilities, insurance, a reserve fund for the replacement and refurbishing of the facilities on a regular cycle to maintain the standards, and other costs associated with operating the membership programme and Private Residence Club at Fairmont Heritage Place Mayakoba.

How will any increases in the annual levies be managed?

The Board of Directors will have the authority to approve annual fees within the norm of market-related rates, barring extraneous circumstances.

When do I start paying Annual Operating Fees?

The Annual Operating Fee is payable from the time that your residence becomes available for occupying.

What happens when an Owner does not pay his or her Annual Operating Fee?

The Private Residence Club will continue to function and operate without any impact from any defaults. The management team will institute agreed actions to recover the fee from the Owner. Owners in default of their Annual Operating Fees will not have access to the Club or any other benefits.

What is the estimated completion date by the Developer?

Winter 2014


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